August 2007

Happy birthday to you,

happy birthday to you.

Happy BIRthday to KURDINA….

Happy birthday to you!!!

To continue with the tradition of posting up weird snorkel pics of the birthday person……………here’s the birthday girl!! 🙂


Feel what you ask?

The EXCITEMENT in the air that always accompanies the start of the college football season…namely, the SC Trojans football season. 🙂

This weekend is the first home game of the season. We’re playing Idaho. The spread last week was 451/2. Hahahaha.. For those who don’t know, that means if you were in Vegas and wanted to put money on SC to win, they would have to beat Idaho by at least 46 points for you to win any money off the game. Usually, the spread is an indication of how good the teams are.

All the sports analysts and game announcers have been hyping up this year’s SC team calling them THE team to beat this year. Personally, it makes me nervous hearing such talk so early.

Anyway, you know where we’ll be. What are you doing this long weekend?

It was Charlie’s birthday party today. Since she’s been reading the Harry Potter books, she decided that she wanted to have a Harry Potter themed birthday party this year. Let me tell you, her parents went ALL OUT. We had a Sorting Hat, Wingardium Leviosa game, Potions Class, and made our very own broomsticks. It all took place in the Forbidden Forest, otherwise known as Lacy Park.

I think the birthday girl had a good time. Picture to come!

While George was away at Vegas having the time of his life for Tim’s bachelor party this weekend, I had the pleasure of going over to Karen and Erik’s house for a nice reunion with old coworkers from my days at Columbia Studios.

It was great seeing everyone. Thanks to Karen for organizing and having us over at her very nice and charming house full of secret rooms!! Hopefully someone will email me the group picture we took (Karen? 🙂 ) so I can post it to this entry. OH!! And also a big congrats to our good friend Oscar who is about to be a daddy and just found out he’s having a BOY!!!



Eric and Judy’s wedding reception was today. It wasn’t anything outlandish…but it was intimate and nice.

We also took the opportunity to take a Tai Family portrait since it’s getting more and more rare these days to get all of us together at the same place. Thanks Uncle Lawrence!

Family portrait to come.

If the world is a small place. The World Wide Web must be tiny.

Recently, I was told that there are actually people I don’t know reading this blog. Apparently, our blog is linked to my friend’s blog, and my friend’s friend just so happened to click on the link for our blog, and saw that they knew someone who I link to and realized that we all know each other. It’s like that game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. Except in the World Wide Web, everyone, not just Kevin Bacon, is connected to each other one way or the other.

I don’t mind that there are people we don’t know reading this. In fact, I think it’s kind of nice and flattering that people actually find what we do interesting. Hahaha…or maybe they just find the fact that we’re so boring fascinating. 🙂

So, if you’re reading this, and you know that we probably don’t know you, say HI. If you’re shy and would rather stay anonymous, that’s fine too. God knows I’ve done enough lurking in my time. 😉


There’s really no point to this picture. I just think it’s the funniest thing. wahahahahhahahaahhh…

Nothing newsworthy to report…OH, except that I found a great Web site to print photos from. They’re cheap and their quality is pretty good, at least compared to some of the ones I’ve used so far. The Web site is We actually printed our Thank You cards with them, and have recently reprinted some more photos from our wedding too. Check them out if you ever have time. Finally we can all let our digital photos see the light of day! hehe.

Happy Birthday Sherry! 🙂

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