August 2007

August is by far the month with the most birthdays of people we know–both friends and family. Coming up this weekend, we have THREE birthdays to celebrate, not to mention the ones we aren’t celebrating because the birthday boy/girl doesn’t live in L.A. (Happy Birthday Jen!) Today is actually my cousin Mimi’s birthday, too! (Happy Birthday Mimi!) In two weeks, we’ll be celebrating the MOST important 7th birthday of this year. 🙂 That’s right, our own Charlie the Devil Dodge will be turning 7 in two weeks. What do you get for a 7 year old nowadays? Any ideas?


Turning the big 3-0!! YOU OLD!


I added a new page to the top–OUR WEDDING.

It contains a link to our flickr site where a lot of the candid pictures our friends took at the wedding are saved. They’re in no particular order, as you will see.  🙂







Going to Vegas for Cat’s bachelorette tonight…I don’t think I’ve ever been to Vegas for a bachelorette party yet. That’s probably a good thing.

Have a good weekend!

We’re going to the Dodgers vs. Giants game tonite! Thanks to Dr. Tim who scored us some good seats. We may even see history being made if the Dodgers actually throw some legitimate pitches to Barry Bonds. But whatever, I’ll be happy if we get there early enough for our Russell Martin bobbleheads!!! Woohoo!


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