November 2007

Happy Holidays! 🙂

Click on the picture to see us perform!



What a bummer. MOST of the pictures I took at Tzu-Wei and Matt’s wedding came out BLURRY! Only two came out ok. BOO! Anyone want to buy me a new camera for Christmas? 🙂

The beautiful and handsome bride and groom:


The beautiful and handsome emcee and dj. HAHAHAHAA…


George and I got in last night to attend the wedding of his cousin Tsu-Wei. I finally got to meet all of his family on the eastcoast for the first time. 🙂 The wedding is tonite. Can’t wait! Pictures to come…

Congratulations Tzu and Matt!!!!!!

We’re blogging from Sacramento this week. George and I are visiting his mom for the big holiday.

In true Thanksgiving fashion, we started our feasting a bit early this year. This past weekend we celebrated Andrew’s birthday and had our annual Thanksgiving Feast at the Wangs before George and I ventured North. On Saturday, George and I took Andrew, my sis, Eric and Judy to Mastro’s Steakhouse. MMMMmmm…Just thinking about it makes my tastebuds tingle.

Not exactly sure why he looks like he’s in pain:


Then on Sunday, we got together with our friends and cooked up a feast. Here’s a taste of what we had…don’t drool on your keyboard! 🙂

First up, Andrew’s demonically delicious DEVILED EGGS!


Next, we had George’s Savory Mushroom and Sausage Stuffing…made by MOI. 🙂


What’s a Thanksgiving Feast without Cat’s delectable mashed potatos!


Or Nina’s stuffed mushrooms!


And Jerry’s savory…and perhaps my favorite dish of the night…braised shortribs:


The quiche that Becky made made me want to ask for seconds…s’il vous plait!


Jerry’s caulieflower and Pete’s eggrolls were sides we definitely couldn’t do without:



And finally, George’s roasted turkey was a juicy as ever!


We had a bunch of other dishes, but I have to stop here because my stomach is already starting to grumble from the memory of all that food.

Anyhow, Happy Thanksgiving everyone! George and I will see you guys in one week!


 Congrats guys!!! 🙂

This past weekend we took a road trip up to Berkeley for the annual Cal Weekender football game. George and I LOVE San Francisco. If not because our friends and family all live down in SoCal, we’d probably move up there in a flash! But going to the Berkeley Stadium to watch SC play is a different story. It was COLD. It was RAINY. It was, in a word…MISERABLE. We had to leave at the half because it was just too cold and wet for any sane person to handle…not to mention we had Charlie and Chase with us too. They were such troopers. 🙂

I forgot to bring my camera to the game so I don’t have any pictures of the misery we had to endure. But here’s a pic of the Dodges in front of Ghiradelli Square.


George and I went to our good friends Marc and Lauren’s wedding this past weekend. The wedding was alllllllll the way down in Dana Point/Laguna Niguel area. But it was well worth it. Congrats guys!