December 2007

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George outdid himself this time. He went and cooked an entire brunch by himself for our family today . It was great! Too bad I didn’t have the foresight to take some pictures. Ah well.

Merry Christmas everyone! On to New Years…

I wanted to wait until after we picked him up to introduce the newest member of our family…but I couldn’t wait. 🙂


Meet BOOTY*! Born: Nov. 3, 2007

Isn’t he CUTE?!?! He’s a purebred English Bulldog puppy. Trust me, we already know how much work it’ll be to take care of a puppy, and have been preparing ourselves and our house the past couple of weeks to get ready for his arrival. Apparently, Eagle decided that George and I needed some training for when we start having kids. Ha.

We pick him up on Sunday….can’t wait!!

*If you know me, you’ll know WHY I named him Booty. And it’s not because I have some unhealthy fascination with my booty…

I’ll give you a hint: jersey.jpg

Our family seems to be growing by the minute!! Here’s my cousin Kevin’s new baby boy! Congratulations!! 🙂



To celebrate the first Christmas we’re spending together as a married couple, we decided to get a tree this year! It’s amazing how festive our house looks just with the tree. I can’t wait for Christmas!