January 2008

Sorry. 😦 I just noticed that I’m averaging maybe one post a week. Frankly, there really hasn’t been much to blog about. So there’s really nothing to report. In fact, I’m sitting here wondering what to write next and the only thing that comes to mind is the weather. (It’s raining.)

I guess I can resort to talking about my plans in the upcoming weeks:

My sis and I are throwing Eric and Judy a babyshower next week. My sis found this great venue in La Canada called the Chocolatebox Cafe. It’s basically a chocolate shop that sells gourmet chocolates and serves drinks and Italian gelato.  The place isn’t huge, but it’ll be just right for the size of our party. Plus, the owner has been incredibly accommodating and nice. A rare thing these days.

Exactly three weeks from today, George and I will visit the Big Apple. 🙂 Can’t wait. We’ve never been to NYC together. The last time I was there was –WOW — almost eight years ago!! And I think the last time George was there was even longer than that. It’s surprising that we haven’t been there since we love to eat and NYC is the place to be for food. We’ll be there for Valentine’s Day. Any ideas on what to do??

Before we know it, George and I will be coming up on our one year anniversary! It’s amazing how time has flown by. This last year has truly been incredible. Anyway, I’ll save the mushy stuff for a post closer to the day. 😉

I guess that’s about it. Chinese New Years and nai-nai’s birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks. I’ll try and take some pictures during those gatherings and post them up.



Last night, we took Booty to his first Puppy Kindergarten class at the Pasadena Humane Society. There were so many cute puppies there! I know what you must be thinking…Puppy Kindergarten??? Are you serious??

I never used to think that having a well-trained dog was important. Why do they need the training?? Isn’t it inhumane to train a dog and make them obey your every order???

Until Booty came into our lives and George and I both did a lot of research on raising a puppy and the advantages and disadvantages of having a dog. I saw how happy a well-trained dog is and how helpful they could be, and also saw how sad and destructive one that wasn’t was. I think it’s important for us to properly socialize Booty and make him an integral part of our family. I want to be able to take him everywhere we go and not have to worry that he might suddenly snap at an unsuspecting child wanting to pet him or run full-speed ahead the minute he’s off leash.

The class is one class a week for five weeks. I don’t know how much we’ll really be able to get out of it, but at the very least, Booty will have a place to go to on Thursday nights at 7:30p.m. to play with friends…and who doesn’t need that?


Look what George got me! We promised we wouldn’t get each other anything for Xmas this year, but he went and got me a present anyway. 🙂  It’s so pretty, I don’t even want to touch it. Hehe.

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. We’ve had our hands full with taking care of Booty when we’re home. It’s amazing how much work taking care of a puppy is!!! But he’s so cute and incredibly smart. Anyway, Booty wasn’t the only Christmas present we got this year…George also finally got his Mustang!!!! After years of obsessing and wishing, we decided that getting a ‘family car’ can wait. Haha. I don’t have a picture of his baby yet…but here’s a couple of mine 🙂 :