Last week was mom and dad’s annivesary….then it was Chinese New Years…then we celebrated nai-nai’s 80th birthday! 🙂 Talk about a busy week!

I remember when we were younger, Chinese New Years was always the biggest day of the year for our family. I’d come home from school and see our entire house decorated with lucky red symbols and our entire family would get together for a feast. And the best part was, of course, the red envelopes stuffed with cash.

Even though we don’t really go all out as we used to with Chinese New Years anymore, and we’re too old to be getting the red envelopes stuffed with cash 😦 , it’s still a true blessing that our entire family still gathers for this important occasion. This year, relatives from Chicago, Atlanta, and even as far as China came back to visit.

Here’s a picture of nai-nai on her 80th birthday with the three most important people in her life 🙂 :


Anyhow, we’ll be going on our mini-vacation tomorrow in NEW YORK CITY! Woooohooo!!!! I hear it’s freeeeeeezing there, hopefully we’ll survive after having beautiful 80-degree weather here in L.A. the past couple of days. I’ll try and take a lot of pictures and publish a MONSTER pictorial post when we get back.

Till then,