April 2008

I’ve decided to make Booty the most popular dog on the Internet. Hahahaha..!!!



[pictures to come…]

It’s been such a long time since I updated our happenings…so here’s a brief overview of the past couple of weeks:

My grandma fell. 😦 Last week, while bending over to pet Trouble (the family dog), she felt dizzy and collapsed. She’s been at the hospital ever since. The good news is that there’s no sign of a concussion or stroke, however, the bad news is that she suffers from a hairline fracture on her back. 😦 She’s going to need a lot of physical therapy to recuperate, but she seems ok for now.

We remodeled our bathrooms. Yes! It was two weeks of hell, living in dust and not having a shower to use in the house, but it was all worth it! They’re not completely done yet, we’re still waiting for our shower doors to get here from the warehouse, but at least we don’t have to go over to my sister’s to use their bathrooms everyday. Too bad I didn’t take any before pictures of what the bathrooms looked like, but I’ll post some after pictures once everything is done and installed.  🙂

We did the 5k Derby Run/Walk at Santa Anita. Thanks to Eagle, who miraculously convinced us and the Dodges to join him and actually “train” for it, we all took part in the walk (Eagle and Charlie did their runs). It was surprisingly fun, and I think we should take part in more similar events in the future.

We went to Sea World. Since we couldn’t really hang out at home over the weekend because it was such a mess, we decided to join the Dodges and go to Sea World last Sunday. We were all exhausted, but at least we got free beer!

Booty got neutered. 😦 Poor doggie. Not only that, he’s suffering from a respiratory infection AND an elongated soft palate. The infection is being taken care of by antibiotics, but the palate thing…well, it makes him faint (no joke) when he over-exerts himself. Debbie says we can’t really do anything about it until he’s about a year old. So until then, no long-distant running. Poor doggie. 😦

Ok, that’s it. I’ll try and update with some photos later.