September 2008

My very cute nephew Cayden turned 6 months last week. And to celebrate, they had pictures of him taken. Isn’t he cute? Look at the difference!

Cayden at 6 months.
Cayden's newborn picture.

Cayden's newborn picture.


Meet the newest addition to the Yu clan:

George and I decided that our Accord wasn’t big enough for all the gear that Tyler will require once she blows into town. So we sold the Accord and bought ourselves a CR-V! Isn’t it pretty? I actually find myself looking forward to driving in traffic. HAHAHA!

Anyhow, if any of you are in the market for a new Honda, go to Spirit Honda in El Monte. They quoted us A THOUSAND DOLLARS below the quote on Carsdirect–which is usually either invoice or just above. Not to mention, our sales guy Ken was GREAT!

Our friends Larry and Sandy had their baby girl over the Labor Day weekend! Chelsea Im was born on August 31, 2008. I don’t have any pictures to post, because her daddy hasn’t been very diligent about sending them out…ahem…but we wanted to welcome the little girl into the world anyway. 🙂



Here she is!