April 2009

I went back to work this week. I actually started mentally preparing myself weeks ago. It’s tough going back to work after having FOUR MONTHS OFF! I’ve never had that much time off. Even in school, we only got three months off during the summer. But that aside, the hard part about going back was leaving Tyler. I know, I know…at least George is home to take care of her rather than some stranger. But still…since her birth, I’ve never been a part from her for more than an hour…not to mention eight hours.

I never used to understand why so many women end up staying at home to be a full-time mom after having kids. I always assumed it’d be so boring doing housework and raising your kids ALL DAY LONG. I always thought I’d definitely go nuts if I had to stay home like that…

…but now, I understand. Becoming a parent changes your priorities. It makes you think that there isn’t enough hours in the day for you to spend with your kids even if you got to see them 24/7.  It makes you not want to miss a single thing. Their first smile, first word, first roll…I realized this week that from this point on, the only time I’ll get to spend with my little girl besides weekends are the couple of hours in the morning before leaving for work, and a couple of hours at night after I come home from work. A few precious hours isn’t enough. But it has to be for now.

I still consider myself pretty lucky. My first week back to the grind was actually pretty good. Aside from my constant yearning to go home to my baby girl, everyone at work have gone out of their way to make me feel that I’ve been missed. And it’s made my return that much easier.


Tyler is growing up so fast…this week, she discovered her own voice.