March 2010

The hubs is going to Vegas this weekend for our good friend Ed’s bachelor party. That means Tyler and I will be spending some quality time together. Not sure what we’re going to do yet. Tyler’s finally at the age where I can take her out by myself and not worry about the “what ifs…” that I can’t handle on my own. You know, stuff like what if she spits up all over herself in a restaurant? What if she does “the deed” all over herself? What if she has a meltdown? Not that I couldn’t handle any of those things myself, but when you’re in public and your baby is still a baby…it’s a whole different story.

Anyway, I hope it doesn’t rain. That would suck.


The talented Charlie at her school’s talent show…

Lesson learned. 😦

I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new Sketchers Shape Ups! They’re supposed to get here today. I really hope the whole thing’s not a huge gimmick and that I really will be able to work out my calves and butt while walking around. 🙂

Recently, the hubs and I have both started going to the gym again. He goes to the 24 Hour Fitness by our house at 5 A.M. (!) and I go to the gym at work. It’s worked out well for both of us so far…even though it’s only been 2 weeks. He wakes up at that ungodly hour everyday ANYWAY because he’s weird like that and I get to go to the gym during lunch rather than stuff myself full of unhealthy food. I hope we can keep it up. It’s been more than a year since Tyler’s birth so I can’t really use that as an excuse anymore. Plus, nothing’s a bigger motivator to get healthy than the thought of not being able to keep up with and not being able to be with our little girl simply because our bodies have given out, ya know?

Tyler was WAAAYYY overdue for a haircut. She was born with a full head of hair that stood straight up. Then when it finally settled down, it turned into a mullet. Now, with her new do, she looks even MORE like a little boy. Sigh.



Now that Tyler’s officially a toddler…we decided that it’s time to enroll her in weekly classes so she can start socializing with other kids around her age as well as develop her motor skills. We went to a couple of free demo classes and decided to join My Gym in Pasadena. The class for her age group is at 8 A.M. on SATURDAY MORNINGS!!!! Ugh. The things we do for our kids…

Dear Blog,

I’m sorry I’ve neglected you for so long. You can blame it on my little ‘free-time sucker’ also known as Tyler.  As you know, I had grand plans to blog about not only mine, but Tyler’s happenings regularly after she was born. But taking care of a newborn proved to be much more work than I thought, and any free time I had that could’ve been used to blog was spent sleeping.

Now that Tyler’s turned 1 and entering toddlerhood, I feel like I have a much better handle (*knock on wood) on things and can afford to spend a little time to blog about our lives rather spend every free moment desperately making up for my  lack of sleep.

So get ready! Because I’m back! I won’t promise that all of the entries will be brilliant and exciting…but I will promise to keep up the blogging regularly.

Thanks for still being here.


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