Joyce is a 30-something some-time cynic who’s lived all of her life in sunny SoCal. Being married have really softened her bad-attitude face and now finds herself secretly smiling at just how lovely life has turned out for her. But don’t ever tease her about it, because all you’ll get in return is her bad attitude. Here are some random things to know about JOYCE: (list will grow as she becomes more and more neurotic)

Loves to cook. But can’t. Loves to eat. But really shouldn’t. Owns more video game consoles than she’d like to admit. But can’t really beat ANYONE in any games. She has two nieces nicknamed The Devil and The Demon. Yes, really.



George finally got his Mustang!!!!

…together, they make up GEOYCE.


2 Responses to “Who is GEOYCE?”

  1. claire Says:


    Pretty clever…….

  2. Winston Says:


    Tiffany just told me… congrats!!!
    and she also told me about your blog… i had no idea you had a blog… thats so cool…

    Im very happy to hear about your expecting…

    i dont know if your email still persists, so im writing you here…

    hope you find this well…

    and keep in touch!…


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