harry potter

It was Charlie’s birthday party today. Since she’s been reading the Harry Potter books, she decided that she wanted to have a Harry Potter themed birthday party this year. Let me tell you, her parents went ALL OUT. We had a Sorting Hat, Wingardium Leviosa game, Potions Class, and made our very own broomsticks. It all took place in the Forbidden Forest, otherwise known as Lacy Park.

I think the birthday girl had a good time. Picture to come!


Hello Friends!

I finished reading the last Harry Potter. Which is why I haven’t updated this blog the past couple of days. What a great series of books. I wish I could come up with a story that can turn a whole generation of both kids and adults onto reading again. I’m kind of sad ‘tho, now that it’s over…there’s no more waiting for the next Harry Potter to come out. Ah well. There’s always the movies…speaking of which, for those who read the books, do you visualize the actors as the characters like I do?

Nothing really newsworthy to report other than Jorge’s birthday coming up in less than a week, and we’re going fishing on Saturday. We’ll have to wake up at 4 a.m. on a SATURDAY morning just so we can get to Dana Point by 5:30 a.m. 😦

Anyhow, a little more than one month till the football season starts! We haven’t received our season tickets in the mail yet, due to some unforeseen and very irritating circumstances, but we should be getting them soon. Can’t wait!

It’s Thursday, but I can already tell you what we’ll be doing this weekend…at least what I’LL be doing.

Reading the final Harry Potter.

Is Snape good or bad? Will Harry live or die? Who’s R.A.B.?I’ll know the answers by Sunday p.m. 🙂 It’s kind of sad, and I guess expected, that there have been tons of speculation and spoilers about the book in recent months on random websites…but none is as bad as today’s review in the NY Times. Not to sound righteous or anything, but I think there’s something ethically wrong when a reputed–probably MOST reputed–publication in America knowingly does something they know is wrong just to beat out their competition. I mean, seriously, is it that hard to just wait ONE MORE DAY? Granted, they claimed to have legally bought the book from some random store in NY city. Yet, knowing that there is an embargo on the book,  knowing that every other person in America is anxiously awaiting the release of the book at midnight on Saturday, and knowing that whatever store they got the early copy from probably got it illegally, the NY Times, who prides itself on its integrity and isn’t some random website who’s information readers take with a grain of salt, should have waited and respected JK Rowling’s wishes.

Everyone who knows me knows that I’m the person who skips to the end before finishing the book and goes online to read spoilers of my favorite tv shows. But I’m not the NY Times. I don’t pride myself in being ethical or noble. I don’t have the kind of reputation they do in the publishing industry. They had a reputation to uphold, and now, because they couldn’t wait like everyone else, they’ve stooped to the level of every other tabloid news in America. And, that, is sad.

In rare form, the family: me, George, my sis, Andrew and Eagle went out for a dinner and movie last night….a school night! Dinner was at Parkway Grill…which has been consistently good everytime I’ve been there, although it’s never at the top of anyone’s list when we are trying to decide where to go for dinner. Weird.

I still haven’t decided if the movie is as good as the others in the series. My favorite, I think, is still Azkaban. Anyway, the final installment in the series will be coming out in a week or so…can’t wait!